Workshop participants standing around table holding their artwork  Workshop facilitator writing with marker on white board  Workshop participants collaborating in small discussion groups 

Established in 2015, the Onstead Institute’s mission is to develop, support, and sustain innovative art and design practices and processes for K-12 education through a program of research, project administration, and public dissemination of information.

To accomplish this, the Institute:

  1. Develops and disseminates innovative and exemplary curricular materials through which students appreciate and understand meaning and ideas through the creation, study interpretation, and evaluation of art and design objects and processes that foster lifelong involvement in the creative fields.
  2. Provides practical application opportunities for classroom and art specialist teachers, school administrators, and museum personnel to develop their leadership skills and engage in professional development enhancement.
  3. Supports ongoing research and develops projects and critical theory to continually enhance the learning processes tempered with results-oriented assessments for effective application in all of the related areas. Through advanced study of such content as research methods, assessment, critical theory, and other such programs, students develop as highly trained professionals. Central to this preparation is exposure to and participation in faculty research projects.

The Institute embraces this mission and is dedicated to conducting activity in all three areas by developing partnerships and collaborations, utilizing technology, and enhancing resources.